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To develop software in a cutting edge environment.


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This is a list of the competencies that I have developed over the years. For more information about any competency, click on the subject.

I have programmed in the following programming languages: C, C++, 80486 Assembly Language at the System development level, Pascal, fortran, Basic, PL/1, COBOL, HTML, and other languages.

In addition, I have worked with the following program environments: COM, MFC, OWL, and ATL, as well as an in-house programming environment called "Object Server 2.0."

The specific compilers used in recent years have been Borland C/C++ versions 5.01 and 4.5, Visual C/C++ version 6.0, Visual CE C/C++, gcc C/C++, and others.

At various times I have developed programs for the following applications: Teaching, Graphics, Compiler Writing, Operating Systems, Surveying, Business, Government, and others.

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