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I have two daughters, Anna (17) and Connie (13). Anna is a Senior at Shawnee Mission South High School. Connie is an Eight Grade student at Indian Woods Middle School. Of course, both are doing quite well.

Since Connie is younger than Anna, Connie is more familiar with the internet. That is, whereas the internet is something that Anna sees as a recent development, Connie sees as something that has always existed. Therefore, Connie has several WEB pages, and gets many hits on each of them on a regular basis. The one on my server is

There is an amusing story about the internet and Anna and Connie. When Connie was in the sixth grade a couple of years ago she spent a lot of time building WEB pages. So much so that Anna was beginning to complain, saying, "When I was in the sixth grade I didn't waste time building WEB pages." To which I had to point out that when Anna was in the sixth grade that was not a real possibility. Such is the rate of change in the internet at the current time.

(It must be recognized that since I am involved in education and research, I have used the internet back in the 1980. In fact, I can remember the internet as far back as the 1970's when it was called ARPA net, however, I, personally, did not use it.)

Currently I do not have a wife, as my wife left me about 6 years ago.

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